Tips for Commuting by Bike Every Day

Despite the availability of a number of transport options, bikes are still commonly used for commuting and even growing in popularity. There are a number of benefits of using a bike for daily commuting. It allows you to save up on your transportation cost while also keeping you in good shape. If you are cycling for a substantial amount of time every day, you may not even have to go for an extra round of exercise. Given below are a few tips that can come useful to people who use a bike for everyday commuting.

Get hold of a reliable bike

The first is to look for a reliable bike. If you are going to be using it frequently, then its best to invest in a bike that can be used under all weather conditions and on all types of road conditions with very little maintenance. Look for nonskid tires that can spread the total load more efficiently. Furthermore, gears and dynamo lights can add to the versatility of the bike.

Lock it safely after parking

If you are fully relying on your bike to get from A to B, you should make sure to keep it safe after parking and going in. You can use locks to increase the safety of your bike. Use cables lock for the wheel and if possible try locking against fixed poles and bike stands. Although bike locks are not always the most secure, it can help to use quality versions. Also, try parking your bike under a CCTV as this can reduce the chances of it being stolen.

Choose your luggage with care

Carrying backpacks seem to be the most convenient option while riding on bikes. This requires to extra storage space, no fittings, and fixtures. However, if you are carrying it for a sufficiently more extended period of time, especially on hot summer days, it can cause a lot of sweating and exhaustion. If you are regularly carrying kits while commuting, try attaching a rack to your bike. This will help to take the strain off the shoulders.

Feel confident while riding

Riding in heavy traffic can feel intimidating and increase your chances of losing balance and control from nervousness. Riding with confidence can be helpful. Do not get too near around a pothole and maintain a safe distance from the heavy vehicles. Remain on the less crowded side of the lane and do not jump into the center, especially when the traffic is heavy. Also be mindful of the traffic lights to increase your safety.

Check the lights on your bike

Bikes that are used for commuting should have a red light on the front and white light at the back. These are a legal requirement and come to use before and after sundown. These lights can be used to give signals while riding and make you easily noticeable while riding. They also increase your visibility during the dark.

Biking gears

It is not necessary that you have to get dressed up like an athlete while biking. Just make sure that you are comfortable. Biking shorts and sweat absorbing fabrics are fine. Also, make sure that you wear a helmet while riding.

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