About Me

Hello everyone!

My name isĀ LucasĀ Jansen and I currently live in the capital of Netherlands – Amsterdam. Why I am here? Just work…pretty boring stuff. But what’s more important, I am here with my bike and that’s what matters. I am photography and videography enthusiast as-well.

Me on the bike

As you can see, I ride fixie. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Without exceptions. Well…maybe I am lying a bit but I am trying to stay as honest as possible.

This website basically is a online journal of my personal experience, adventures, thoughts and resources that can help somebody with their daily cycling routine so it brings out the best experience possible. This website allows me to share my experience and information with others as a cyclist. And that’s the best part of the internet.

I have evolved my gear, skills and courage to enable me to bicycle year round, regardless of weather. Work and unplanned bike accidents sometimes dont’t afford me the time to cycle daily. (Honesty!)


Want to contact me or give me suggestions on which topic should I cover in next blog post? Feel free to contact me here.